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Capitalism and Christianity

How should Christians think about capitalism?

Throughout the latter half of the twentieth century the two great superpowers of the world, the USSR and the US, represented the opposing ideologies of communism and capitalism respectively.  For many Christians it was unquestioningly assumed that communism was the great enemy of the church.  Given its openly atheistic philosophy, it clearly opposed what Christians believed.  However, in resisting communism Christians may have been deceived into thinking that capitalism is the church’s ally.  Yet, if we want to identify the greatest enemy of the Christian faith, we must look closely at Babylon and observe its obsession with consumerism.  There is nothing that stands more effectively as a barrier to people knowing God than the desire for wealth that comes through capitalism.

T. Desmond Alexander, From Eden to the New Jerusalem, p. 183.


  1. August 16, 2012 at 6:40 pm

    Hello there.

    How should we respond to capitalism? How about asking, “What is driving the boat of capitalism?” The free market system is nothing more than a series of principles governing the exchange of goods and ideas. It’s simply a tool. It doesn’t care about anyone or anything. It can’t for it has no conscious. However, we do and are responsible for how we use the tool of “free market”.

    This is why there are laws. I feel that conservatives Christians missed the boat when it comes to the free market system. When I watch the news, it saddens me to see that conservatives don’t thing the government should get involved in stopping sinful behaviors. We can also do something through the Church. Ethics lessons, anyone?

    The liberals are not wrong to speak out about the abuses and misuse of our free market system. We do need to look out for others. I just feel that they go a little overboard or have an over reliance on civil government. Civil government can’t do it , alone.

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