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Recommended Commentaries for Matthew 2.0

Several years ago I recommended commentaries for Matthew, but having preached through the book I would like to give an updated list.  Some of these recommendations aren’t commentaries, but books I found helpful in my studies.  Also, I realize there are many more books and commentaries out there, but these are the ones that proved valuable to me.

David Jackman & William Philip, Teaching Matthew.  A short book, but a helpful survey of Matthew.  If you are looking to get a broad overview of Matthew before teaching it; this would be the book.

David Garland, Reading Matthew.  I read this book before and enjoyed it immensely.  Reading it again proved just as helpful. The book is very beneficial when it comes to structure and theology.  I highly recommend it.

D. A. Carson, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and His Confrontation with the World.  The book is a combination of two of Carson’s previous works on Matthew.  Although his book is not a commentary per se, it provides good insights and has helpful applications.

_________ , Matthew. Carson’s commentary is part of the Expositors Bible Series.  Carson does a great job of laying out the debates on difficult passages and gives thorough explanations to his own.  His commentary was usually the first or second place I would check.

David Turner, Matthew.  Turner’s commentary is part of the Baker Exegetical Series.  I enjoyed using Turner’s commentary; however, at times it lacked some depth.  Overall it is a good resource in tying together the book of Matthew to the rest of Scripture.

Michael Wilkins, Matthew. Wilkins’ commentary is part of the NIV Application Series.  I was pleasantly surprised with his book. He was especially helpful on some application points.  A condensed version of his notes for Matthew are found in the ESV Study Bible.

Grant Osborne, Matthew.  Osborne’s commentary is recent, but an excellent resource.  It is part of the Zondervan Exegetical Series.  The strength of this volume is the format of the series: introduction to each passage, detailed exegesis, and theology.  I highly recommend it.

R. T. France, The Gospel of Matthew.  France was one of the foremost scholars on Matthew.  His work was invaluable on some thorny issues.  France does a good job connecting Matthew to the Old Testament and provides a lot of helpful theology.

In addition to the volumes above, I read John Calvin regularly on Matthew.  Below are some other commentaries I read (or have read), but not as extensively.  They all helped at various times.

Leon Morris, The Gospel According to Matthew.

Donald Hagner, Matthew: 2 Volumes.

Dan Doriani, Matthew: 2 Volumes.

Craig Blomberg, Matthew.

James Montgomery Boice, The Gospel of Matthew: 2 Volumes.

Sinclair Ferguson, The Sermon on the Mount.

One commentary that I have heard is worth considering is John Nolland on Matthew, but I have not read it.  You can read a review here.

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