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Gospel Binoculars

February 16, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

The dictionary defines binoculars as “an optical instrument or device that has one or more lenses and is designed to aid in the viewing of objects not readily seen.”  The gospel is like a set of binoculars when it comes to our salvation.

As we go deeper into the gospel we learn to spot where human effort is at work for salvation, rather than Christ’s finished work.  Self-salvation is everywhere.  It’s in movies, popular culture, on Christian radio, and even preached in pulpits across America.  We need to be especially discerning in this area because it is so destructive to our lives, and yet so subtle.

Although, self-salvation is everywhere; where it especially lives is in our own hearts.  That is why we need the  gospel daily, because it magnifies areas in our lives where we are depending on our own effort for God’s approval, rather than Jesus’ righteousness.   And so, do you have a set of gospel binoculars?  If you do, then when you look through them at your life–what do you see?

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