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1% of Christ

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In Matthew 15 we find a Canaanite woman crying out to Jesus three times (15:22, 25, 27).  Jesus’ response is puzzling.  She is ignored by Jesus.  At first glance it appears Jesus isn’t very compassionate; something Matthew has repeatedly highlighted in his gospel account.  The delay of Jesus’ response is not to portray him in an insensitive light, but to highlight the confession of the woman.  The woman recognizes that Jesus is the Son of David, that he is Lord, that he alone is worthy of worship (she knelt before him), and that only he can make her daughter clean.  Jesus is all of these things and that’s what Matthew wants us to understand.  He does something for the unclean and undeserving that they cannot do for themselves.

How this woman found herself is how we must find ourselves as well.  This woman recognized her unworthiness and desperateness; and cried out to Jesus.  To find ourselves like this woman is not moralizing the text (be like this person or that person for right standing before God), but ultimately it is to confess and understand our complete failure before the only one who can truly heal us.  When we become aware of our own sinfulness, so we come to discover that 1% of Christ is more satisfying and sweeter than 100% of anything else.   When we find ourselves broken over our sin and humbled before God, so we confess Jesus as our Lord, as our Healer, and as our Savior; and in return God gives me all of his Son.  I don’t just get a morsel or a crumb of Christ, but a get a buffet of his love, a never-ending well of his grace, and a plate full of his mercy.

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