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An Invaluable Kingdom and its King

I have been quite busy lately, so posts are few and far between.  However, I did want to share that last Sunday I preached from Matthew 13:44-52.  In this text, Jesus gives us the parable of the hidden treasure and the pearl of great value.  The main point I made in the sermon is that the kingdom of heaven is invaluable because Jesus is invaluable.

Jesus is of infinite worth.  He is that treasure hidden in a field and that one pearl to be possessed above all others.  If Jesus is not of infinite value to us, then we must ask why?  Jesus’ worth to us is only measured in proportion to our recognition of how worthless we are before God.  In other words, we will only see Jesus as great to the degree that we see our sin as great against God.  We must understand that we are sinful people; fully deserving of God’s wrath if we are to see the infinite value of Christ.

The value of Christ is that he gives me something I can’t do for myself and he gives me something I never deserved.  When I realize I am nothing and have nothing except in Christ; then I get his everything–his worth, his value, his merit, his wealth, his resources, his riches, his excellence, his perfection, and his significance.   These truths are not just the key to my salvation, but my sanctification.  By seizing the infinite worth of Christ in my life so I will find that other things in my life will become less valuable to me.


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