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Jesus: The God of All Comfort

This past Sunday I preached from Matthew 9:18-35.  The central thesis was that the promise of God’s comfort has now come to us in Jesus.  Biblically speaking, comfort is the forgiveness, healing, and hope given to me in Christ.  Below are the two primary applications I brought out.

1.) Comfort is found only in Jesus.  Why?  Because Jesus left his place of comfort, to be uncomfortable for you, so that you might know the comfort of God in Christ.  Jesus left heaven (his place of comfort and fellowship), entered this uncomfortable world (took on human flesh, sat with us, and died), so that we could now experience God’s promise of comfort.

2.) As you have been comforted, so comfort one another.  Although Christ is not physically on earth bringing comfort to his people; Christ comforts his people through his people (2 Cor 1:3-4; 7:6).  We comfort one another with the glorious truths of the gospel.  When someone dies, when we counsel people, when we visit the sick, when people are hurting, depressed, lonely or despairing we give them the comforts secured for us by the cross.  In short, we give them the gospel.

Preaching the gospel to ourselves and others is the only thing that will bring genuine and lasting comfort.

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