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Gospel Punch Line

All of us have been in those situations where we hear a joke and wait for the punch line, but it never comes.  At that point the joke doesn’t produce laughs, but only confusion.

Just as a joke can fail to deliver a punch line, so can a sermon.  How many times have you been listening to a sermon, expecting to hear the preacher unpack the glories of Christ or the beauty of the gospel, but sadly he never gets there.  Instead the sermon is filled with do’s and don’ts.  The pastor never gives you the gospel punch line.  In other words, he never points you to Christ, he never unpacks gospel truths; but instead leaves you confused.

Failure to give people the gospel can happen in all sorts of venues.  In men’s studies, women’s studies, small groups, youth talks, discipleship meetings, or counseling sessions.  If you never get to the gospel, people will always leave confused; trying to make sense of the world and their lives apart from Christ and his gospel.

So here are a few words of exhortation:

1.) Pastors, teachers, leaders give the people the gospel–always.  Don’t leave them “hanging” and waiting for the gospel.  Whatever you’re teaching on, always bring the gospel to bear on their lives.

2.) Congregations expect your pastors, teachers, and leaders to give you the gospel.  Pray that God would disclose to them the glories of the gospel to give to you.  Hold them accountable in their preaching and teaching.  And above all never settle for anything less than the gospel.

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