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Israel and Jesus

I have been steadily preaching my way through Matthew.  I have enjoyed every moment of it.  I recently completed chapter four.  Between chapters two and four I connected for the church the relationship between Israel and Jesus.  Below you can see the chart I made for the church.

Israel                                    Jesus

Out of Egypt                         Out of Egypt

Pharaoh                                Herod

Son                                       Son

Water                                    Water

Wilderness                            Wilderness

Land                                      Land

My argument over the past several weeks was that Jesus accomplishes as the true son what Israel as God’s son failed to do.  The story of Israel is retold in the life of Jesus.  Both sons were called out of Egypt (Hos 11:1; Matt 2:13-15), both were oppressed by the offspring of the serpent (Exo 1:8-22; Matt 2:16-18), both are sons of God (Exo 4:22-23; Matt 3:17), and both pass through water (Exo 14:1-31; Matt 3:13-17).  Jesus proves to be the greater and final son by overcoming trial and temptation in the wilderness, unlike Israel (Matt 4:1-11).  Israel was tested for 40 years and Jesus was tested for 40 days.  Upon leaving the wilderness Israel was to be a light among the nations, but failed because they worshipped idols.  Jesus, as the true Israel, will be a light among the people in the land by worshipping God faithfully and doing his will (Matt 4:12-17).  

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