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Top Ten Books of 2010

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Here are my top ten reads of 2010.

CrossTalk, by Michael Emlet.  Emlet’s book came out at the end of 2009, but I didn’t read it until early 2010.  CrossTalk had to make my top ten list.  Emlet’s book is very helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  He demonstrates how biblical theology and counseling intersect. 

Generous Justice, by Tim Keller.  Another helpful book by Keller in which he avoids extremism and presents a biblical presentation of social justice.  Keller grounds social justice in the gospel and offers many helpful suggestions on how Christians can help the poor.

 Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church, by Michael Lawrence.   Lawrence does a masterful job explaining biblical theology and its relationship to systematic theology.  The last part of the book is particularly helpful as he applies biblical theology to various ministries in the local church.   

 The Shepherd Leader, by Timothy Witmer.  One of the best books I’ve read on pastoral ministry.  Witmer begins with a biblical theology of shepherding and then moves to practical considerations.  This book is full of good suggestions for developing a shepherding ministry.

 40 Questions about Christians and Biblical Law, by Tom Schreiner.  Schreiner provides a concise and clear presentation on the Law and how Christians are to relate to it.  Especially helpful in this book is Schreiner’s treatment of contemporary debates and issues.

40 Questions about Interpreting the Bible, by Rob Plummer.   Plummer has provided for the church an accessible book on hermeneutics.  Plummer is keenly aware of the need for Christ-centered interpretation and application.  Similar to Schreiner’s book, Plummer deals with contemporary issues.

The God Who Is There, by Don Carson.  Carson does a great job showing how the story of Scripture is practical and relevant; both to the believer and unbeliever.  Carson is excellent at integrating the academic with the devotional in his book.


What is the Gospel, by Greg Gilbert.  Gilbert has written a concise, but directed book on what the gospel is and is not.  Because we can never assume people understand the gospel, Gilbert’s book is a helpful reminder and a good resource to pass out to others.

The Letter to the Hebrews, by Peter O’Brien.  I have been working my way through O’Brien’s commentary as our Growth Group has been studying Hebrews.  O’Brien’s commentary is a tremendous work.  O’Brien successfully weds together biblical theology and application.

Cover for 'God's Glory in Salvation through Judgment: A Biblical Theology'

God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgment, by Jim Hamilton. If you are a regular reader of my blog you know how much I appreciate Jim Hamilton.  I am only beginning to work through his book, but am finding it extremely insightful. I couldn’t leave his book off my list.

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