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Back From T4G

I have returned from my first trip to T4G.  The conference was excellent.  Here are some of my favorite moments.

1.) My heart was stirred singing with 7000 other brothers and sisters in Christ.  As I reflect on the words we sang, I was humbled at God’s goodness and thankful for Jesus.

2.) It was great to hang out with some old seminary friends and catch up with others.  It is so good to hear how God is working in the lives of other men since seminary.

3.) I was deeply encouraged by the mere presence of other pastors; knowing that we all are facing the same challenges in ministry. 

4.)  I found what Dever, Anyabwile, MacArthur, and Piper shared to be very helpful.  I thought the panel discussion that had Anyabwile and MacArthur to be insightful.  MacArthur had some really good thoughts about ministry.

5.) Grateful for the many free books.  I didn’t realize how many books they gave away.  I planned on purchasing quite a few books, but the suitcase filled up quick with the free ones.

6.) It was a busy three days, but am very thankful for the opportunity to attend T4G. 

The Unadjusted Gospel was the theme, but this line from the conference sums up my experience: “Hallelujah! All I Have Is Christ! Hallelujah! Jesus Is My Life!”

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