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What does the gospel mean to us?  It should mean everything.  It is not just merely the message of salvation, but sanctification and glorification.  The gospel is not something I believe and then graduate to something “deeper” and “better.”  The gospel is everything we need for the Christian life.  To be gospel-centered means to be Christ-centered.  I appreciate what Goldsworthy says about the gospel.

When we speak of the centrality of the gospel we refer to the fact that every aspect of our salvation stems from the gospel.  We mean that the gospel is truly the power of God for salvation in that it is through the gospel we are called, regenerated, converted, sanctified, and finally glorified.  We mean that Jesus Christ, God come in the flesh, as he lived, died and rose again, gave meaning to all history and human existence.  We mean that the gospel is the only means we have of beginning, continuing, and persevering in the Christian life . . . . When we approach sanctification as attainable by any means other than the gospel of Christ–the same gospel by which we are converted–we have departed from the teaching of the New Testament.  (Goldsworthy, The Gospel in Revelation, 171)

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