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My Thoughts on the ESV Study Bible

I received my copy of the ESV Study Bible the other day.  Let me share a few thoughts.

1.) I am not a big fan of Study Bibles.  There seems to be one for every conceivable topic and most are really pathetic.  However, I wanted to get the ESV Study Bible because I love the translation and the contributors are first rate.

2.) The ESV Study Bible was much larger than I expected.  I suppose it had to be for the articles and charts that are included.  I also liked the font size.  I thought it might be smaller, but was pleasantly surprised.

3.) The first thing I started reading were the various articles.  I think they are excellent for the space provided.  I especially enjoyed the article by Vern Poythress on redemptive-history.  There are some great illustrations and maps that are helpful as you are reading the text.  Knowing the theological understanding of many of the contributors makes this Bible an excellent resource, which leads me to my last point.

4.) I have always thought it would be really helpful if a book company decided to publish a Biblical Theology Study Bible.  In other words, have a Bible that specifically provides study notes from a redemptive-historical perspective.  Although no such Bible exists, I think the ESV Study Bible comes closest.  Many, if not all of the contributors approach the text with this goal in mind and the nature of the articles lend support to understanding the Scriptures as redemptive-history.  I went to some key texts in both the OT and NT to see how the authors handled difficult issues and thought the hermeneutical approach was very Christ-centered.  If I had only one complaint it would be that on many passages the notes provided are very vague.  For example some passages have little or no interaction and some passages have no definitive view presented (e.g., Dan 9:24-27; Rev 20:1-6); however, that seems to be the case with most Study Bibles because of the broad sweeping nature of the notes and the lack of space. 

Overall I am pleased with my purchase and will recommend the ESV Study Bible to others.  I will enjoy using it for my Bible reading and am looking forward to reading the notes more extensively.

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