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Picking up on William Lane’s statement from my previous Quote of the Week post, Sinclair Ferguson in his new book, In Christ Alone, makes a great statement about Christ as the true man and alludes to some of the same ideas that Lane does from the book of Mark.

Enter Adam the Last.  The Lord Jesus was anointed with the Spirit, who is both the Divine Reconnaissance Officer (He is “the seven Spirits of God sent out into all the earth,” Rev. 5:6) and also the Divine Strategist (He leads the new Adam out to be tempted by the Devil, Matt. 4:1).

The replay of the battle for cosmic dominion did not take place in a garden, but in a wilderness created by sin.  The animals that surrounded Jesus were not subservient and tranquil, but “wild” (Mark 1:13).  Nevertheless, the temptations to which Adam the First fell (and Israel following him) were faced head on by Adam the Last, overcome successfully, and their author routed. 

Jesus had come in order to establish His lordship over all things and to restore the reign of man over the earth.  The prince of this world therefore offered its kingdoms to Jesus.  But he did so in a way that would make Jesus his subject (Matt. 4:9).  Thankfully, the prince of darkness and death was no match for the Prince of Light and Life.  Anticipating the more bloody battle of the cross, Jesus stood firm.

Thus, in one Man, a foothold had been gained in enemy-occupied territory and a fatal flaw discovered in Satan’s character, tactics, and resources.  The kingdom had indeed come near.

No wonder our Lord’s ministry then began with a proclamation of this good news and marvelous demonstrations of His power over disease, chaos in creation, and the Evil One himself (Mark 4:35-5:43). (Ferguson, In Christ Alone, 62-63)

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