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I like what J. V. Fesko has to say about the idea of Prophet, Priest, and King.

While it is true that Genesis teaches the origins of man, this fact cannot be separated from redemptive history.  One can only understand anthropology in light of the true man, Jesus Christ.  The work of the second Adam teaches the significance of the first Adam, and vice versa.  For example, the munus triplex, Christ as prophet, priest, and king, does not emerge in the middle of the Old Testament but in the initial chapters of Genesis.  Adam is the first prophet, priest, and king.  He was the first prophet, in that he was given the command of God to propagate, not to eat of the tree of knowledge.  He was the first priest, in that he was to tend and keep the garden, the first temple, God’s dwelling place among his people.  And, he was the first king, in that he was given the dominion mandate to rule as God’s vicegerent. (Fesko, Last Things First, 33)

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