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Without a proper understanding of the plotline of Scripture and Christ as the center of biblical revelation we will get most everything wrong, including the Doctrine of Sanctification.  David Peterson offers a succinct statement about how sanctification is tied to the larger context of redemptive-history.

The motivation and direction for obedience is the holy status which God has given us by bringing us to himself and the holiness of his own character, revealed throughout Scriptures but pre-eminently in his Son.  In practical everyday terms, sanctification means living in gratitude for what God has already accomplished for us and promised us in Christ.  The New Testament consistently uses the language of sanctification to describe what it means to be ‘in Christ.’  To separate sanctification from redemption and conversion is inaccurate and unhelpful. (Peterson, Possessed by God, 64, 68)

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  1. May 30, 2007 at 7:58 pm

    That is a great quote. Too may people take a “thanks for saving me, now leave me alone” attitude toward God, and yet our every waking moment should be lived in gratitude for His mercy and a deep desire to do His will.

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