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Central Themes in Biblical Theology

Scott Hafemann and Paul House are editors for a new book entitled Central Themes in Biblical Theology.  The book will trace certain themes in Scripture from a biblical-theological perspective.  Here are the topics and authors.

Scott J. Hafemann on the covenant relationship

Thomas R. Schreiner on the commands of God

Frank S. Thielman on the atonement

Stephen G. Dempster on the servant of the Lord

Paul R. House on the day of the Lord

Elmer A. Martens on the people of God

Roy E. Ciampa on the history of redemption

The book is due out within a month or so.  Check it out here.

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  1. Jason
    May 10, 2007 at 9:32 am

    Thanks for keeping us all updated on all the new (potentially) encouraging books coming out. I look forward to this one because it has the author (Stephen Dempster) of my favorite book at the moment (Dominion and Dynasty: A Biblical Theology of the Hebrew Bible). Of course, my “favorite” book changes monthly, but I keep coming back to this one every few months. I’m not very familiar with some of the other authors, but it looks like good reading!

  2. Chad
    May 10, 2007 at 3:40 pm


    When I started this blog I wanted to avoid what every other blog out there seems to be doing, which is offering thoughts on culture, politics, and evangelicalism in general. There is nothing wrong with those issues, but I wanted to promote something I am passionate about (as are you) and something that was very focused. That is why this blog is devoted to biblical theology. Part of my decision to start this blog and write on this topic was that I think a proper reading of Scripture is missing in the church today. I wanted to promote books that deal with biblical theology (I use to send out mass emails) and offer quotes, topics, posts, and recommendations that are focused on the topic. I am glad you are reading the blog and offering your thoughts.


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