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Quote of the Week

I know the week isn’t over, but in light of my last post and the points I raise, Goldsworthy’s quote is needed.

God speaks through a word that is both divine and human.  We see this in the Word of God, Jesus Christ, who is both God and man.  We do not honour the divine nature of Christ by playing down his humanity, nor do we honour his humanity by ignoring his divinity.  The fact that the Bible finds its meaning in the divine Word who becomes flesh helps us to understand the nature of the Bible as a divine-human word.  The word of God comes to mankind through the agency of human beings and in the midst of human history.  This is overlooked in some methods of interpretation.  These include the literalistic and the allegorical interpretations.  The literalistic plays down the place of revelation as the interpreter of history, and the allegorical removes history as the stagefor revelation.  The Bible contains a structure of typology in which history is central to God’s progressive revelation. (Goldsworthy, According to Plan, 74)

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