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Without first understanding the Christological significance of the Scriptures, one may wrongly emphasize secondary historical matters over more important themes in Scripture.  Barry Webb rightly summarizes this caution.

Principled evangelicals will acknowledge that the biblical text they are reading has history, that its language is historically conditioned, that meaning is to some extent genre specific, and that in most cases the people, places and events named in the text have a more complex existence outside of it.  They will therefore welcome insights from historical study which assist them to be judicious, responsible readers.  They will refuse to disconnect the text from history.  But at the same time they will recognise that, while word and event are closely bound together in divine revelation, the word is primary.  The gospel is an announcement, a word, and therefore it is the word which interprets events, not vice versa. (Barry Webb, “Biblical Theology and Biblical Interpretation,” in Interpreting God’s Plan, 60)

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